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Most double glazing companies offer a similar range of products but with a large difference in quality and back up service. Listed below is a general description of the different products available.

White PVCu (white outside and white inside)

Mahogany PVCu (mahogany woodgrain inside and out,usually a grained foil bonded to a brown pvcu extrusion)

Oak PVCu (as above but in a golden oak finish.A relatively new product,the best finishes can look very believable).

Mahogany/white PVCu (mahogany outside and white inside.Usually a grained foil applied to the outside of a white extrusion.Can be very effective in changing or keeping the external appearance of the house while making it lighter inside).

Oak/white PVCu (as above)

PVCu tilt and turn windows. (A continental design window able to be made in much larger opening sizes than normal pvcu casements.Turning the handle through 90° allows the window to tilt inwards apprx 150mm hinged at the bootom,then closing and turning the handle through a further 90° allows the window to turn into the room hinged at the side.Excellent for fire escape windows but also useful for replacing sliding sash windows to conform with building regulations for fire escapes in bedrooms).

Patio doors (sliding patio doors,usually one fixed and one sliding but available in whatever configuration you require subject to size i.e. 4 section with the middle 2 sections sliding over the outside 2 fixed sections.Available in all the finishes listed above).

French doors (a pair of doors usually opening out(but can open in).Can be combined with side panels with opening windows if required.Again available in all the finishes above).

Pvcu front and back doors. (There is a wide range of different sculptured panels available for front doors.Usually the difference between a back door and a front door is that a pvcu sculptured panel is put in place of a double glazed unit to make a solid door,usually with glass panels in the sculptured panel itself.Most people choose a front door lock that automatically locks on pushing the door closed,openable by a key on the outside or by the handle on the inside.Back doors are usually not automatic locking, but either is available with either door.Available in all the finishes above.

Coloured composite doors (available from more manufacturers now.They look very traditional and can easily be mistaken for very good quality wooden doors.The external frame is pvcu in a choice of all the finishes above while the door itself is usually made from a hardwood internal frame with internal insulation and reinforcement with a fibreglass panel on the outside and inside.These panels are usually grained and can be supplied to match the pvcu frames or coloured to give a painted front door effect).

PVCu sliding sash windows (A pvcu version of the traditional wooden sliding sash window.Available in all the normal finishes,white, mahogany and oak.They operate on a balanced spring system to hold them in place but very often tilt inwards for cleaning.Can be fitted with external and internal georgian bars to give a fairly authentic period look).

Wooden sliding sash windows.These are made to look as close as possible to the original,usually from treated timber.They still need maintenance and are normally used to replace windows in Listed properties.

Low "E" Glass.All windows and doors replaced since April 2002 must have Low "E" glass fitted as standard.This is controlled by the "Fensa" requirements. Different glass manufactureres have their own brand names, i.e. Pilkington manufacture Pilkington "K" Glass.There are two types of Low "E" glass, hardcoat and softcoat.Hardcoat is the norm but softcoat surpasses the insulation requirements of the "Fensa" regulations and offers more clarity.

Obscure glass and toughened glass.(Different patterns of obscure glass are available and these can usually be decided at the final ordering stage.Toughened safety glass is required by law in certain situations but our price will include this where it is legally required.

Leaded designs ( the most popular lead designs are either diamond lead or georgian (rectangular) lead. There are also a wide range of other traditional patterns available such as Queen Ann, Queen Caroline etc).

Georgian Bars ( most georgian bars in double glazing are fitted between the two sheets of glass in a double glazing unit,making it easy to clean the outside surfaces of the windows.These are available to match the different finishes of the windows i.e. oak,mahogany or white etc..It is also possible to have the georgian bars fixed to the outside of the glazing unit to replicate the original designs.These are usually only available in white.

Stained glass Panels (Modern stained glass panels in double glazing units are made by applying coloured films to the inside of the outside pane.Lead strips then border the different colours on both sides of the outside pane.It is a very effective method of reproducing stained glass and most companies have a wide selection of different patterns to choose from.Bevelled and etched glass units can also be made in the same way).

Other glass products are available at an extra charge such as laminated or anti-sun, but these are rarely used.

All of the above products can be manufactured to your requirements.You can design your windows exactly as you want them.

Your designs and sizes