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It is very important to take some time to choose the designs and finishes of your windows and doors to enable an accurate quotation to be given. Most changes of design will affect the price. The next section  "Different window styles" shows a large range of different configurations of windows and doors normally available, although designs not shown can also be made.Print off the design pages and note the style you require along with the sizes in millimetres (or inches if you prefer). It is also a good idea to look at your neighbours houses to see any designs you like or don't like.

This shows a traditional window with an opener each side and a fanlight in the middle. This is a very functionable window  but because it has 3 opening sections is not a budget design. In the illustration it is shown using the original tiled sill. These can be removed and replaced with a pvcu sill but would substantially change the appearance of the house.

A traditional Edwardian bay window with special glass effect in the fanlights.This has 4 opening sections(2 at each side of the front window.Note the different glass sizes between the opening section and the fixed sections.This looks acceptable because the opening sections are together.If the opening fanlights were moved to the middle two sections the difference in the glass sizes would be much more noticeable.

This plant-on bay window has been dummy vented. Every window is made to look as if it opens thereby ensuring equal sightlines (all glass units level).This results in much heavier framework but in large windows in an old house this style can look stunning and very close to the original windows. Obviously a more expensive option.

Another dummy vented window next to a pair of french doors with a stained glass surround.

Front of a house with simpler design windows.The two larger windows each have side opening windows while the single window is top hung.A coloured front door has been installed.An option with some companies against the usual white or woodgrain PVCu doors.

Traditional georgian style house with internal georgian bars. These are located between the two sheets of glass of the double glazing unit making cleaning much easier both inside and out. The top right hand window is approx half the size of the top left hand window but the design is similar. The bay is again balanced as regards the openers.A dummy vented bay would have looked very heavy. Stained glass panels have been used in the pvcu door and the gold handles and knocker dress the door.

Another coloured front door, this time with coloured bevel glass panels in the door and side panels with georgian lead. The side panels are made separately from the door and coupled together to make a very strong construction to eliminate "bounce" when the door is closed. This gives a slightly heavier frame width but is far superior to a combined unit.

A white pvcu sliding sash window with a single external georgian bar on each sash.This duplicates almost exactly the original window with the horns on the top sash.This type of window can be fitted with restrictors to allow the window to only open a small amount for ventillation.Both sashes also tilt inwards for easy cleaning.The existing internal liners and architraves can sometimes be saved or completely replaced with either pvcu or wood to match the originals.

Different window styles