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The next step is to e-mail us with your requirements.

We need to know the product required,white pvcu,woodgrain mahogany or oak, sliding sash in PVCu or wood, coloured door; the minimum specification i.e. internal beading, best security possible,prefer national company ,or alternatively,quality not particularly important,cheapest possible price please but with transferrable guarantee,selling house soon, etc..The time scale i.e. not doing for six months unless really good deal at the moment,happy to wait for special offers,or A.S.A.P. ;Also any glazing effects,diamond or square lead,georgian bars(internal or external) ,white pvcu internal window sills etc..

The more information you can give us, the more acurate  quote we can give.

We need to know the styles, sizes and specs of each window and door you require.


Please quote on the following for a 1930's semi,front of the house only with diamond lead in all windows,white pvcu.

ground floor bay window 5 section,new hardwood internal sills

1) style 6  600w x 1400h

2) style 5 as above

3) style 6 as above

4) style 5 as above

5) style 6 as above

1st floor bay window as above but 1260mm high

front bed style 31,existing int window sill

Will only consider internal beading,security very important.

Had quotes 3 months ago from national company and local company.Liked national company quality but local company price.would like installation in 3 mths time approx.Please also give details of finance available.

Location SE London SE9

Regards David

The above example gives us enough information to quote.If we need any further information we can always ask.

It may be possible that if you send us a digital or scanned photo of your house as an attachment we will be able to superimpose the window designs on it to show you how your house will look.

What happens now?